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Associate through Doctorate
Degrees available 100% Online,
Campus-based or Correspondence

Religious Education, Ministry, Theology, Christian Counseling

Quality education doesn’t cost, it pays!

Non-Degree seeking students.

You want to take a few courses but you don’t want to earn a degree?  Cornerstone provides the opportunity for you to take college courses on an individual basis.

Realize YOUR dreams.
Follow God’s call on your life.
Why Choose Cornerstone? Message from the President
Cornerstone offers the structure of campus classes and the self-paced freedom of online or correspondence courses, for preachers, teachers, laypersons or counselors.

Our sole desire is to assist you in reaching your spiritual and educational Potential.

Cornerstone University is an independent, non-denominational private Christian Institution committed to progressive and continuing education at the Associate through Doctoral level.

Cornerstone University is international, and is designed to meet the needs of individuals by offering several options for our students:

Cornerstone University students are men and women who have received at least a High School Diploma and who are now preparing to become leaders in their chosen field.

Cornerstone University offers a variety of learning, teaching methods, and resources. The highly individualized and personalized approach to planning provides the participant with the most efficient, effective, and valuable program possible.

Cornerstone University provides academic supervision on an international basis.

Cornerstone University is not sponsored by any Church or religious organization. We are a non-denominational private school that welcomes all students.
It is a great pleasure to introduce you to our International Institution.  Cornerstone University was established to meet the needs of self-motivated adults who wish to earn an Undergraduate or Graduate Degree through a serious, in-depth course of study.  Our desire is to help you reach your spiritual and educational objectives.

The mission of Cornerstone University is to provide an opportunity for students of high potential to experience learning in a way that meets accepted academic and professional standards.

J. Thomas Longsworth, D.R.E., Ph.D.
President & Founder, Cornerstone University

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